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7 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Maybe not my best, but my favorite. Black-capped Chickadee foraging for Cattail Moth larvae.


And a Carolina Chickadee from Florida because why not. I think @Kevin said it was alright to post two photos if I have them.


He did.

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The seven Poecile chickadee species found in the US are:

1. Carolina Chickadee

2. Black-capped Chickadee

3. Mountain Chickadee

4. Mexican Chickadee

5. Chestnut-backed Chickadee

6. Boreal Chickadee

7. Gray-headed Chickadee

I have only seen four of the seven species. I doubt anyone will post a pic of Gray-headed Chickadee to this forum, given there are only 31 photos in eBird for the United States of GHCH! I'd love to be proven wrong though. 



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1 hour ago, Kevin said:

Possibly extinct in North America?  And do you mean Gray-headed?

It's true that the range of Mexican Chickadee in the U.S. is very limited, but a lot of serious birders go there.

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1 hour ago, Avery said:

Is the resolution bad compared to the ones in Macaulay for anyone else? I think the drag and drop doesn't quite work on my new computer...

Yes, the image quality is degraded on the embedded images compared to the ones in the Macaulay library. There is a method for linking and embedding from Macaulay without degradation but I can't find the relevant post that explains that method. I think it involves opening the Macaulay photo in it's own window and then copying the URL and pasting it into the "Insert image from URL" option in the "Other Media" dropdown in the bottom right of the message box. I don't use eBird and have never tried the URL method, so don't be surprised if it's not as simple as I think it might be.

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