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Which Duck?

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1 minute ago, Aidan B said:

I think it's probably a photo artifact. 

I dunno. It goes from brown to gray from different angles, and highly contrasts with the head and back at all angles... it's also got something going on around the chin.

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Definitely not a duck expert, but this bird seemed about 25% smaller then the male Ring-necked. I took I bunch of pics (it was raining slightly, and misty) because in the field this one seemed so different from the near-by Ring-necked Ducks. Because of the distance/conditions, I don't think I could get much better pics than these. 


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I can't account for the apparent size (the bird with the two males on the left also looks small) but is it just a (very) late maturing male, although this seems a stretch as they typically look like an adult (except for the brightness of the spur) by late January.

I was hoping there might be some other suggestions.

This is a terrible photo of an Immature male mid January this year.

RNDU 1m HarWest-7561458.jpg

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