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Song or Fox Sparrow?

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I posted this to eBird as a Song Sparrow at my feeders during a snow storm near Pocatello Id. a couple of days ago, but today it's looking like it could be a Fox Sparrow. 

The one verified Song Sparrow I've had at my feeders the last few weeks is not so big next to the juncos, and it's lighter brown on the back with finer streaks on the breast.   




fs 07.jpg

fs 08.jpg

fs 09.jpg

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31 minutes ago, huntdani said:

Thanks.  That's likely an Oregon Junco, though under better light with binoculars it might turn into a Pink-sided. 

I can't see that as a Pink-sided, with the blackish hood and no contrasting lores (even allowing for the light).

I don't think Song Sparrows' heads are ever this plain, so I agree with Fox Sparrow.

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Thanks to all.  I haven't had a Fox Sparrow at the feeders since 2015.  There were 36 Oregon Juncos at the feeders this morning, along with 12 Pink-sided and 4 Slate-colored.  Odds are in favor of the Oregon. 

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