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Global Big Day 2023!

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3 hours ago, chipperatl said:

73 yesterday at least allowed me to consider I put in an effort.  Wasn’t great conditions to really try for a Big Day.  Kept threatening to rain, and then only had a few scattered sprinkles.  

Same happened here. I got 80 species, and missed 15+ really easy species. I got one FOY, and three rarities though.

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I like to challenge myself to do my big days motorless. This year was a new record for me with 81 species after 30+ miles of biking/walking!


My goal was 85 which I probably could have done easily if I managed my time better. But I ended up taking too long in the morning so by the time I got to the good spot it was already 90° and all the birds were hiding. 

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Here’s my total from the global big day. I didn’t really do any birding, as I said. In the morning I just watched my sisters softball game, brought my binoculars as that park is a good spot, but didn’t walk around at all. The 31 species checklist is all the birds I saw during my 3 baseball games in the afternoon and night.

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3 hours ago, Snake Fingers said:

I couldn’t bird because my one good pair of jeans were wet… and I was motivated to start before 9:00 AM too, oof. I had my personal big day before that though.

REAL birders would just go in their underwear! (joke)

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