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Green Cardinal ?

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Photos are 2 of 18 taken December 29, 2018 between 1:00PM and 1:45PM EST under partly cloudy skies.
Taken in Sea Isle Plantation, Indian Beach, NC(on an island) in a wooded yard approx. 100 feet back from the sand beach. Elevation +25 MHT
Bird appeared to be smaller than the red and rusty colored cardinals in the yard that day.
He was dining both in a fly thru feeder about 7 feet above ground and on the ground beneath the feeder.
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5 minutes ago, Old Fart said:

Around here, for 70 years, I am use to seeing Rusty Red, Redish Brown, Rusty Grey and Khaki female Northern Cardinals, but not green...before today.

In the photograph, everything around the bird is green. The light reflects off of the green leaves and makes the bird appear a bit green. This happens with a ton of birds. 

EDIT: I agree with Cardinal ?

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Also agree with female Cardinal!
Melierax is right, many bird's feathers are quite reflective and they tend to reflect the colours of their environment a bit, probably to help them blend in! Another thing, each individual bird looks a little bit different just like with humans. You got some wonderful photos!

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1 hour ago, ellen.moore said:

We had several of the green cardinal in the yard with week.  We are in south Mississippi.  This is the second "different" bird this summer.  We had a blue bunting (sp?) a week or so back. 

Welcome to Whatbird!  A female or juvenile cardinal might look green if the light on it was tinged green by foliage or something.  And it's always fun to see a male Indigo Bunting.

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