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Greater or Lesser Scaup?

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A few pictures of a little group.  Two include the same male, one is very zoomed in, and one has a female in back.  The other is another male.  You can see purple iridescence on the head of the male, which I read is more common with the lesser, green being more common with the greater.  But, they don't look to me to have that peaked head that the lesser has?  Thanks in advance!

DSC_1001 (2).JPG

DSC_1002 (2).JPG

DSC_1002 (3).JPG

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21 hours ago, Tanager 101 said:

Greater. The head is rather on the rounded side (meaning not high peak on the head) and the peak is a lot further back on than on a Lesser.

I can't help with this scaup, but isn't the peak supposed to be farther back on a Lesser?

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