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NW Arkansas shorebirds

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I went searching for a limpkin that was spotted yesterday morning. I missed the last sighting of it by 10 minutes... People are speculating it's still there so I may chase again today... we'll see. Don't need it on my life or state list but, would be a great county bird to add. 🙂 

Saw a couple shorebirds there... It's hard to judge the bill but everything else is saying lesser yellowlegs to me.



and how often do you see a bird in the field and you're sure it's something pretty interesting and different... and then you get home and look at pictures and, oh, it's just a ______?
On the way to try and find the limkin, I stopped at a farm pond that often has interesting birds on it. I saw this bird a ways off... shorebird... BIG bill... looked like a BIG bird... Must have been cleaning itself and puffing itself up in the process because, it looked MUCH bigger than a yellowlegs, overall size as well as just the bulkiness of it. Thought for sure I had something interesting... but, pictures tell me all I had was a greater yellowlegs. A fun bird to see but, different than what I was seeing in the binoculars. HA


This was tiny compared to the yellowlegs so, peep sp?

Compared to the GRYE, these were almost not even noticed. Just much smaller, it seemed. But, they look like LEYE to me.

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Also, loosely regarding photo #4, the difference in appearance between a Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs and a Solitary Sandpiper is surprisingly small to my eyes, whereas when you compare the overall size between Yellowlegs and Solitary Sandpipers, the ID becomes rather obvious.  Not necessarily saying #3 are Solitary Sandpipers, but your comment about their diminutive size had me wondering a bit...I wouldn't call it from those pics however either way. 

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