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What are these Sandpipers?

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Fun... I saw the least ID and instantly agreed because they LOOK like peeps and have yellowish legs.
But then I saw the other comments...
My thoughts are, well, you're right...
But, man, those bills look too short for pectoral to me and, the pectorals I'm used to seeing, the bills are a bit lighter with a very much more noticeable two tone look. These bills just look all wrong to me. But, that's just my limited experience perhaps? Picture quality or lighting?

I just looked on all about birds and, I feel the wings of each in the photos they provide would also confirm pectoral over least. Least, at least (pun intended) in their pictures, have a white line through the darker area of the wing in flight... these birds don't match that... and the pectoral in one picture on that site shows something of a white line at the leading edge of the wing, which would match these birds.
I wont remember any of this... I'll still look at size and bill size and color when looking for my pectorals here, I'm sure... so I doubt I'll remember what I just wrote...  not to mention, in flight they're just so much harder.
Helps when the pictures are at least this good...

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