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Glossy or White-faced Ibis?

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For what it's worth, in eBird there are 0 October (and November and December) records of Glossy Ibis in Missouri, 1 September record, and 3 August records. So a Glossy Ibis in Missouri in October would be a very good record. There are 15 Birding Hotspots in the state that have October White-faced Ibis records, and a few more Personal Hotspots. with WFIB records.

Also for what it's worth, here is a photo of a juvenile White-faced Ibis taken in Ontario in November 2019: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/White-faced_Ibis/photo-gallery/308512571, showing no red skin, a dark eye, and dark legs.

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It seems like the color of the eye is brown (which would suggest Glossy from what I’ve read), but I’m not sure we can be certain that we’re seeing it clearly with direct sun. Full disclosure, I have not yet seen this bird myself, and passed on a non-breeding Glossy chase due to the inherent difficulty in discerning between Glossy and White-faced in non-breeding/immature birds.

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