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Happy New Year!

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How did everyone's year go? 

Number of birds seen?

Number of Lifers?

Favorite bird seen?

Rarest bird seen?

Any species you missed you hope to get this year, or other birding goals?

(I'll post my answers with pictures in a reply, so this will count as a post for the Photo forum. Wanted to do this, but didn't know where else to put it, without a general birding discussion forum, lol.)

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Number of birds seen? 206

Number of Lifers? 40 (!!!!!)

Favorite bird seen? Tie between the Burrowing Owl (a fun bird), and the Mountain Bluebird (which I've always wanted to see, but never in a million years thought it would be here in Augusta, GA, where I live.)

38572356260_18ba8b553b_z.jpgBurrowing Owl by midgetinvasion, on Flickr

38987292660_1d237b6503_z.jpgMountain Bluebird by midgetinvasion, on Flickr

Rarest bird seen? Ruff

25890082467_470d0b6444_z.jpgRuff Again by midgetinvasion, on Flickr

Any species you missed you hope to get this year, or other birding goals? Trumpeter Swans are about two hours away from me, I tried to get them when they were here last winter on my way home from seeing the Burrowing Owl, but I had missed them by one day. Also, I hope the Short-eared Owl that was here last winter comes back so I can try to get him again, and then I've still never seen a Purple Finch or Fox Sparrow! That dang owl, I spent a lot of time at the airport trying to seem him, and always missed out! It seems someone always saw him the day before or the day after I was there. It seemed 2018 was the year of missing things by a day. I was even labeled a bad-luck charm by some of the notable birders in our state. LOL.

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Happy New Year!!

I'm new here but have loved looking at birds for 50+ years. Seeing bald eagles in Alaska is probably the pinnacle of my watching activities. The most interesting bird I've seen is a Steller's Jay sitting on a wall at the rest area just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hundreds of people around and this bird just sat there taking it all in. I had seen pictures of this species and just thought it would be cool to see one and I got the chance.



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