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Costa Rica - La Fortuna - bird call

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253 meters / 830 ft. Around the Arenal volcano and Lake Arenal. Specifically, it was at Kokoro, 500 mts west of creek La Palma of La Fortuna, 142, Alajuela Province, La Fortuna. We were on a walk around the area. I would describe the habitat rain forest / jungly. It wasn't a call we heard a lot, so I would say there wasn't many of them. Heard it around 6AM. 

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Amazing! After listening to Bay Wren calls that you linked, on YouTube, and even within Merlin app, we would absolutely agree that is our bird. I can see why the app had difficulty, they have such a wide range of vocals and alternations. Thank you so so much for helping us identify this bird. We are disappointed we didn't get to see it, because it is such a beautiful bird, but can at least take pleasure in the fact we got to hear it. Again, thank you very much!

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