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Help IDing - Poss. black billed cuckoo?

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IMG_7934.thumb.JPG.d01f49f3f967de96c26b55f827f8359b.JPGIMG_7933.thumb.JPG.34353310ec0513aef36ef0cb1beb2a6e.JPGIMG_7932.thumb.JPG.98a95eef70439d0a9b2c779e9e427d93.JPGShot these photos in the am on 30 Dec 2018, San Antonio, TX.  Not sure of the species. I have compared to the doves we have in the area and against pictures - doesn't match any of the doves. I know the pics may not have much to go by. I did see what I believe to be the same bird today in a different area with what seemed to be red/orange eyes/eye rings. Didn't get a pic, it flew off before I could snap a pic.

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