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Tattler? But Which One?

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This is from the north shore of the Big Island, Hawaii around noon in August.  Apologies if I should have posted in the "Non-North American" forum given the geography. 

I think is a Tattler but can't tell if its Wandering or Gray Tailed.  Welcome your thoughts.


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31 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Wandering for me. Gray-tailed is pretty dang rare. 

I Hawaii you have to be a LOT more careful about ruling out Asian shorebird species. Pectoral vs Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Wilson’s vs Common Snipe, and Wandering vs Gray-tailed Tattler are some examples of IDs you have to be very careful with. Don’t make assumptions based on probability, because the probabilities are very different from the mainland.

That being said, this looks like a Wandering Tattler. Vocalizations are the easiest way to tell though.

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