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Clay-colored Sparrow audio from northern Illinois.

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This was in Will county yesterday.   I think it sounds perfect for Clay-colored but would be a rarity.  Did see a sparrow briefly pop up from the tall grass onto a dead bush branch but just for a moment and it was not close enough to notice any detail.  The area was 3 foot tall grass area with low bushes scattered around.

This is the only recording I got that is free of RWBL noise.

On ebird I see there are some reports in the last week or so of CCSP in Will or surrounding counties so it is not completely out of the question.



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I think that this is a Clay-colored Sparrow but did it just do one buzz at a time or did it do 2-3? Normally, Clay-colored Sparrows do 2-3 buzzes each song but I have heard a few that only do one; however, that is pretty rare.

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