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West Mexico Myiarchus Flycatcher

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I saw this Myiarchus Flycatcher in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico on 6/15/23. The two expected Myiarchus species are Brown-crested & Nutting's. I think the beak is too small to be a Brown-crested, especially considering the location, where the "western" brown-crested, which has a bigger beak. Unfortunately, I did not hear this bird vocalize. I do not have much of an experience with either of these flycatchers, so I appreciate your input and expertise. 




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Caution is definitely warranted here, and as the OP said, voice recordings would help, but I’m leaning Brown-crested. There is lots of gray in the face, rufous is limited to the primaries (not necessarily diagnostic), and the bill seems within range of BCFL and too large for Nutting’s. That being said, I have never seen NUFL.

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