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Bird seen at Bubbling Ponds Fish Hatchery in Sedona, AZ

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My sister saw one of these a couple of weeks ago.  Gave a great description.  Enough for me to identify it and show her some pics.  She was excited. I think she's getting the bird watching bug.  She sent me photos this morning of turkey tracks in the snow.  I told her it was Littlefoot!  Bigfoot's long lost diminutive cousin. O.O  I was told to "shut up".   

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Welcome!  Also notice that the robin's head is rounder than the grackles, that the grackle's head is flatter and doesn't slope as much up from the base of the bill.

I can see how you might mistake the breast colors.  The lighting in these photos make them look similar.  Under other conditions, the grackle's breast is less red and more light brown.  Oh, and your grackle is a female.  If you see a bird with a similar size and shape but shiny black all over, that will be the male.

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