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Best Lifer Ever and a Photo of my Nemesis, Too!

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Yesterday my dad found out that he has cancer for the seventh time.  He is not feeling well and is very worried about upcoming tests next week, so rather than let him spend his weekend fretting and worrying, we took him and my mom to a destination that has been on their bucket list for many years--Horicon Marsh.  Words can't even describe what a great day of birding we had.  Since Dad's a little frail these days we mostly did the auto tour with a few stops for short walks on boardwalks, but from one of those boardwalks I managed to photograph my nemesis, the common yellowthroat, and from another, we stopped to watch an actual pair of WHOOPING CRANES!  It was incredible to see the joy and wonder on my parents' faces after the week they've had.  Best. Birding. Day. Ever.



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2 hours ago, chipperatl said:

Prayers for your father and you family.  7 times says he is a fighter!!  Congratulation on the birds.  Amazing looks at the Whooping Cranes.  

Thanks, chipperatl.  My dad is the strongest guy I know.  It was an amazing day--I loved seeing the birds, and I loved seeing my dad free of his worry and frustration for a while and back to his smart, funny, stubborn, loveable self 🙂

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1 minute ago, Johnd said:

7 times? wow. Hope he pulls thru.

Horicon marsh is a fantastic birding area.

they still do the boat tours? not been up that way for a while now.



The people who ran the boat tours retired a few years back, and some new people just bought the business and started things up again this year.  I'd like to try that out sometime, but for today, we decided it'd be better to go at our own pace.

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