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Hello all! I am looking for help with two bird IDs, both seen today (1/4/19) at the Henderson bird viewing preserve.

1) Song sparrow or Lincoln's sparrow? I originally passed this off as another song, but the merlin app keeps saying Lincoln's. Either way, I have no experience with sparrows at all!20190104104629.thumb.JPG.7a375cff8c5570048ba5c3a9429d7409.JPG

2) This may not be identifiable, but could this be a northern rough-winged swallow? There were many, and they flew eradically over the ponds, almost like bats. I'm not sure what they could be other than northern rough-winged.20190104101638.thumb.JPG.4287e1a82ee40b8a015cde9fb7fb6290.JPG

Thanks, and happy new year!

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