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A few photos from my recent trip to Alleppey in Kerala in Dec 18.  Any help greatly appreciated.


1.  Bee-eaters - either Blue-Tailed or Chestnut Headed.  We saw plenty of Blue-tailed but these guys seem to have more red/brown on their heads which the others didn't have.


2.  Plover - either Kentish or Little Ringed by range but difficult to tell (and poor photo).  Yellowish legs suggest Little Ringed.


3.  Unidentified wader.


4.  This raptor was photographed further in land up in the Western Ghats.



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1. I think the extent of rufous look in range for Blue-tailed based off of images on eBird. Tail shape, with the longer central feathers, all supports Blue-tailed. 

2. I can't really help with this one, but it does seem that Kentish Plovers usually have darker legs, and these ones are pretty pale. 

3. Strikes me as a Wood Sandpiper

4. First impression was some accipiter, but I can't find a perfect match on eBird...

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