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Costa Rica Hummingbird

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Interesting, I was thinking the same, except if you google Magnificent Hummingbird it seems it's now a Rivoli's Hummingbird.  It's been a source of confusion for me from this last Costa Rica trip.  Initially I thought I saw a "Magnificent Hummingbird" at a different location.  Although I didn't get a great look at the bird I saw a bright turquoise throat and a purple crown.  Checking the Garrigues/Dean Guide, the Magnificent Hummingbird was a good match, I believe the only hummingbird in the guide that had a turquoise throat.  Later, when I went to enter observations on eBird, the Magnificent Hummingbird was not listed, nor would eBird accept a "rare" bird entry for the Magnificent Hummingbird.  After checking online, I saw photos of the Talamanca Hummingbird, it matched the bird I saw, the range map made it a possibility and eBird accepted the entry as a rare bird.  A day or two later I got an email from an eBird reviewer asking me to provide more details on that observation.  I gave him as much info as I could, but I don't think he ended up confirming my observation.  

Back to this bird,  I saw the bird and took the photo on the first day of my ten day trip.  I saw a lot of hummingbirds during those ten days and learned a lot about the local hummingbirds.  Unfortunately I just don't remember much about the bird in the photo as far as color and the photo doesn't help.  I was reviewing my observations and photos from the trip and I had initially listed the bird as a Purple-throated Mountain Gem, but that is obviously incorrect.  I went through the guide again and ended up with Magnificent Hummingbird, googled it to look at photos and it's a good match for a "Rivoli's Hummingbird".  I sent an email to the reviewer, but haven't heard back and I'm not sure I will.  Although I suspect if I go back and make the changes to my eBird observation it will probably raise a flag.  


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Magnificent was split into Rivoli´s and Talamanca; Talamanca is the species in Costa Rica, so I'm sure that's why eBird wouldn't let you call it a Rivoli's. Here is an article about spilts; this one is the first one, starting in the second paragraph: eBird article on recent splits and changes. It looks good to me too, a little pale on the underside but the article says that's normal for Talamanca. Turquoise throat and purple crown fit exactly, as do the white postocular spot and bill. I see them (Rivoli's) fluff their crown feathers on a regular basis, too.

If you list it on eBird add your photo, or send it to the reviewer if they ask for more details again.

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