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2 hours ago, Tanager 101 said:

Does anyone know if "animal eye AF" works for birds on Sony cameras? Specifically one like the A7R III?

Also thanks for all the answers ya'll have given me. It's been really helpful.

Looking at a YT video he turns off the eye-detect, but he is talking specifically birds in flight.  He says to use it for shooting mammals.  So really depends on your situational shooting.

I've been trying to see if you can do dual back-button focus to switch between center and eye-af.  Found one, but Sony is a different language that he is talking.  😄

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Found this site, and in the comments there are people saying you can assign a custom button for eye-focus.  You could assign one button for using eye-AF and another for center point, for when the eye-AF won’t catch.  I do this with my R5.  One button is for center spot, the other for eye.  I find on birds in flight the eye-af will lock onto the another part of the bird if it can’t catch the eye.  Which is fine for the most part, due to how far the bird is away.  

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