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Help with ID, Great Sand Dunes NP, Mosca CO

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Hi All, I hope this finds you well.

I was in Great Sand Dunes NP last July and have been trying to ID this bird. I thought it was a type of thrush or sparrow, my final guess would be a female or juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird, but I am not confident. In the last picture, if you zoom in you can see some yellow streaks in the tail. I have tried many times to figure this out and am now asking for your help! The community here has always been so helpful in the past. 

Thanks in advance for the help, it is always appreciated.

DSC_0122 (1).JPG

DSC_0121 (1).JPG

DSC_0120 (1).JPG

DSC_0119 (1).JPG

DSC_0118 (1).JPG

DSC_0117 (1).JPG

DSC_0116 (1).JPG

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2 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

I’m getting more of a sparrow vibe with the long tail and bill shape. I wonder if it could be a juvenile Green-tailed Towhee? Not sure tho

Agreed. You can see the green really well in the last photo. 

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