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Sterna Terns Part 1

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Today, San Diego, California. Forster’s, Common, and even Arctic have been seen here recently. I have more, real photos of other birds coming tonight. Any thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated. 


Bird 1. Adult of ?? Arctic? 378DD635-F3B1-464F-9482-2DC698B14E66.thumb.jpeg.dc3c1020be9080a5cf74c9d0f9795fb8.jpeg


Bird 2. Forster’s?



Bird 3. Common??IMG_6196.thumb.jpeg.9e412274e18f8241ab4dcc15a3615e7b.jpeg


Bird 4. Common? 

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26 minutes ago, IKLland said:

@Aidan BThanks!! Much appreciated. I understand why common is the last one, but why is the third one a common instead of Forster’s? 

I actually think I might not be sure on that one. I thought it had a dark carpal bar, but it's just lighting. It looks like an adult molting out of alternate.

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22 minutes ago, Aidan B said:

Really! Even with that giant carpal bar? I wasn't aware that FOTE could have that. Sterna might be my weakest point of identification. 

Lol! Well, I counted the pictures. The fourth picture, which I guess is technically bird three. That’s the one I’m talking about. I agree that the last bird is a common.

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