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Northern Spain

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These were taken in Northern Spain in August. 


1. Bird of prey in Southern Foothills of Picos de Europa (Castilia y Leon). At first i thought just a common buzzard but the darkish eye and really hooked beak look a little different. Possibly an immature honey buzzard? 


2.  Wading bird on a reservoir near Huesca..


3. Flycatcher? 


4. Eagle near to Loarre Castle (Huesca). 


5. Finch. Same area. 


6. I have this as a spotted flycatcher. Same area.


7. Black kite? Same area. 


8. This one is on the Northern side of the Pyrenees in France. I have this as an immature red-backed shrike. 



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1. Kind of confusing, but probably a Common Buzzard, lighting is harsh.

2. I agree with Little Ringed Plover. 

3. I think European Stone-Chat, location?

4. Short-toed Snake-Eagle

5. Rock Sparrow.

6. Yep, Spotted Flycatcher.

7. I'll take a closer look later, this might also be a Red Kite but hard to tell at the distance perched.

8. Looks good.


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Thank you. 

3. This was a similar area, Mallos de Riglos north of Huesca. We saw plenty of winchats up high in the Picos but this was lower down so could be a stonechat. 

4. Nice. We thought we saw one from a far greater distance the day before but this confirms it.


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