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Which Vireo? - Davis Mountains Preserve, Tobe Canyon, Jeff Davis TX - 8/28/23

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13 minutes ago, Caley Thomas 2.0 said:

I really want it to be, because it would be a lifer, but wasn't sure about it.  Tough ID for me (Plumbeous vs Cassin's).

I’ve never seen a PLVI with that much yellow wash on the sides. It’s definitely not BHVi. 

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Aidan B said:

@Caley Thomas 2.0 

Do you have any photos showing the secondaries? I'm having a hard time seeing them. They're yellow in CAVI and white in PLVI. 

I'm certainly not convinced either way, though I'm leaning CAVI. I'm a little concerned by the head to throat contrast. 

I appreciate your attention and tenacity towards this ID for my benefit.  I went and looked for the requested, and while I never have the best angles for good views of the secondaries, all i can see is white.  Further, after consulting with my reviewer who is ridiculously experienced with all this particular jazz, he suggested PLVI here, and that was good enough for me to switch it (I'm not saying it's 100% only a PLVI in my view either, just that I want a more clear / less ambiguous, more definitive example for a lifer photo of a new species for me, if that makes any sense to you).

I'll be back at GMNP either this weekend or the next, so the chances for this CAVI lifer are not out of the question in my near future at least

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