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Which Waterthrush?

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Photos taken yesterday in southern Nevada.  Northern waterthrush isn't common but isn't a rarity.  I've seen a northern 1 to 4 times every year for the past 4 years.  Louisiana waterthrush would be quite rare, the last one reported and photographed here in 2014.  Thanks!









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Interesting bird. Lacks throat streaking and pretty whitish underneath. But bill doesn’t seem very large. Basically I’m not sure, GISS suggests Northern to me but plumage seems intriguingly suggestive of Louisiana.

I’m leaning Northern but not confident either way, interested to see what others say.

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I'd say Northern. I have seen a number of birds out west whose plumage seems suggestive of LOWA, but they are NOWA. Louisiana Waterthrush is staggeringly rare in the west, especially states like Nevada and California. Structure is better for NOWA, as Alex suggests.

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