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Looking for confirmation of 5 birds from New Mexico

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These birds were seen last week in Los Alamos and Santa Fe counties. I used Merlin, but it's not always right so looking for confirmation or corrections. Thanks! 

#1 Brewers Sparrow?

Brewer's Sparrow 9-6-23 White Rock NM

#2 Juvenile Say's Phoebe?

Say's Phoebe juvenile 9-6-23 Frenchy's Field Santa Fe NM

#3 Western Tanager -Merlin did hear one in the are I took the photo.

Western Tanager female 9-7-23 White Rock NM

#4 Hepatic Tanager - this is the only photo I got so not sure it can be identified by this. 


#5 Western Wood Pewee - 2 photos

IMG_5188 IMG_5189


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