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Some sort of grouse? (Catskills of NY)

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My brother has been seeing this bird around his house near Bethel, NY.  I have spent many hours in the woods of NY, and I was stumped…. My guess was some kind of pet or non-indigenous release…Merlin identified it (in 3 separate photos) as: Snow Goose, Crackling Goose, and Wild Turkey. I don’t believe any are accurate unless it’s the offspring of a cross species mating (like the hummingbird 🙂). Any help appreciated 



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1 minute ago, KurtinPoughkeepsie said:

Oh, and just curious, why wouldn’t Merlin be able to ID that photo..


is it likely this bird wouldn’t survive a NY winter…if a predator doesn’t get to it first?

Merlin wasn't able to identify it because 

1. merlin photo id is not to be trusted

2. there are no peacocks in new york and as such merlin would not have it listed in it's expected species. 

It is very unlikely this bird will survive the winter.

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I believe it's a blend of white (albino) and normal coloration of a Peahen (Common Peafowl). Peacocks are (or were) countable in some Southern Florida areas, and maybe in Southern CA? Pretty much anywhere else they are considered escaped domestic fowl.

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