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MN Shorebirds w Wilson's Snipe

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180th Street Marsh, Dakota County, MN.  09/21/23.  6pm.  I was watching a pair of Snipes and then noticed this interesting group further west in the dry mud flats.  There is another Snipe in the middle but I was thinking the small one to the left was a Least Sandpiper but what is the seemingly larger squat one to the right?  It seems bigger than the Snipe with a longer bill and pudgier shape, a darker crown but the back markings of the Snipe.  These were quite far away at edge of my 600mm reach...



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22 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

While I agree, can we explain why the right rear snipe looks much larger than the apparently closer bird?

I think it's just in floof mode.

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