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On a field trip this morning... accipiter is what I called it. I had someone questioning(from further away) if it was a kite or something.
Unfortunately, I'm a point and shoot kind of guy with a camera so when they're up there and the lighting isn't great, this is what you get...  (after I lightened them some...)
I was leaning towards SSHA if it's an accipiter because of the head projection and overall sleek appearance. I am wondering, the markings or effect on the trailing edge of the wings seems present in all three photos... is this significant, or an ID mark? Any chance of it being something like a falcon, merlin maybe? I just used Merlin(the app) on this first picture and it suggested nighthawk, or merlin. (gotta love Merlin HA)




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I wish I knew how to use my camera better...(also wish I had a better camera)
Someone else got photos where you could very clearly see what it was. Kestrel absolutely confirmed.
Interesting ID mark to look for, that string of pearls... I wondered if what I was seeing would be a valuable ID point.

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