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which bird feeders do you guys recommend?

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I usually watch wild bird in my backyard, I've been thinking about purchasing some bird feeders for my backyard lately but I don't know which ones to get, do you guys have any recommendations? 

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Hi, and welcome to Whatbird!

I'd start with a simple tube feeder, and buy 'Black Oil Sunflower Seed'.  There are cheaper 'Wild Bird Food' mixes but they contain a high percentage of seeds that backyard birds don't eat.  The uneaten seeds fall to the ground where they can attract unwanted rodents.

Speaking of rodents, if possible, place your feeder where squirrels can't get to it, at least 6 feet from any tree or structure a squirrel could jump from.  There are feeders that are designed to minimize or even block squirrel stealing, but I'd start with something inexpensive.  If you're successful, you can upgrade later.

When you first hang the feeder, fill it only halfway or less.  It will take the birds a while to notice it, and the first load of seed may even spoil before they find it.  If they don't start eating within a couple of weeks, dump the first load and replace it with a smaller amount.  Once they find it, then you can fill the feeder completely.

By the way, what state / province are you in?

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Look for feeders that:

  1. Are mostly rust resistant metal or composite.  Plastic feeders don't last and can be chewed by rodents.  Wood can also be chewed by rodents, is hard to clean, and harbors disease.
  2. Can be easily cleaned (feeders must be cleaned regularly!)
  3. Have plenty of drainage holes and/or a large overhang to keep the seed as dry as possible
  4. Allow the birds to get to the last remaining seed (e.g. ports or a tray at the very bottom)
  5. Have a combination of mesh, ports, trays, and/or perches to attract a wider variety of birds

My favorite feeders that I currently have are the Stokes Select Giant Combo Feeder and the Stokes Select Cobalt Double Chamber Feeder.

And if squirrels aren't your friends, baffles are your friends (along with keeping the feeder away from trees, decks, and other things squirrels can climb on and jump from, as Charlie has mentioned).

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