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NW Arkansas 9/23/23

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Merlin is calling this one a broad-winged. It has just one dark band... kind of plain tail other than that. Some of the markings make me feel like it's a BWHA... but, that one dark band on the tail. I have a bunch of other photos of this bird but this is one of the better ones I think.

And then, here's the checklist there... with a waterthrush I called a louisiana. By sound, response to playback, Merlin saying so(ha)
Seems a bit streaky... and, maybe the throat isn't streaky like it looks in the photo, and sadly, that's the best photo. The eBird checklist has the photo and the audio file. It was 8MB and I didn't want to upload it a second time. (my DSL is under 5Mbps download speed... upload is SLOW.)(although, I still remember dialup...)


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20 minutes ago, DLecy said:

The Buteo is a Red-tailed Hawk.

Outside of that dark band, that's definitely the feel I had for that bird once I was looking at the photos(I don't remember which birds I took photos of)
I've been confused by Merlin calling it a broad-winged... and also confused by the dark band on the tail. Not something I'm used to. It's very clear, and pretty thick, in all of the other photos of it.
Any particular form/morph here? Younger bird?

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Ok, I’m not well versed with Eastern Red-tailed, but this bird had heavy streaking in the breast, and a somewhat straight trailing edge to the wings, and the “hands” show four extend primaries versus five, so I’m retracting my RTHA ID. 

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any other thoughts on the waterthrush, by sight or sound? In the field, the chipping seemed to match the LOWA pretty well, and it was responding the couple times I played it. (though I was just playing calls, not songs)

Merlin called it LOWA by sight and sound BUT...  I do believe that Merlin will spit out different answers based on what they expect in a given area.

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