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Testing a AI-based birdbot

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We are looking for some serious birders who would like to test the BirdBot. It is a web-based system that lets you talk to an AI system that can answer questions about birds of North America. It's like having an expert birder at your side.

Since its for North America we am only looking for people in the United States of Canada for this testing.

Our requirements are you’re an active birding hobbyist,  have a good knowledge of bird identification, and extra points for keeping a Life List.

Here are some example questions we will ask you to try (you are welcome to try your own too):

* What birds are black and orange?

* How many bluebird species are in America?

* What family does the Killdeer belong to?

* Is a kittiwake a gull?

If you are interested please please let us know some details about yourself and why you would make a good tester.

The job includes asking the BirdBot questions that we have created, then evaluating the answers in a Google spreadsheet. More details to follow if you are interested.



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Hi Kevin. Yes test its accuracy by noting when the answer is valid, wrong or partially true, when it does not respond, etc. All we be clear when you see the google sheet with questions and answers we have already accumulated. Right now it's about 92% accurate but we should get it to 99%. 

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