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Thoughts on these dark swifts?

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A few days ago in southern Nevada.  I was birding with a friend when I heard an unusual call approaching.  I looked up and saw some swifts coming, and said to my friend... swifts straight up!  I snapped one burst of photos which was all I could get as they zoomed by in a straight line and were gone.  My friend, looking thru binos, called them Vaux, solely because they were all dark and not white-throated which are common here.  (Vaux are seen here but rarely.  I've seen ONE Vaux this year, photographed at a small lake at a park in May this year.)  Later that day, I saw on ebird that one of the top birders here had black swifts the day before at pretty much the same spot.  Looking at their range map, seems perfectly normal for them to migrate thru here.  For what it's worth, Merlin says every bird is a black swift.  Thanks!!






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Based on wing shape, these are not Chaetura swifts.

They give off White-throated Swift vibes to me with that long pointed tail. WTSW can appear all dark in certain light. The only other option would be Black Swift with those wings, but tail shape is wrong for them.

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