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Mystery Yellow/Gainesville, FL

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Spotted in a very tall pine tree, apparently sunning. I did not have my binocular, assumed it was a yellow or pine warbler and took a single photo.

Upon looking at the photo, it does not appear to be a warbler and has a finch-like bill. It was bright yellow and positioned so as to block any view of the back. Could this

be a goldfinch or is it even possible to tell?



DSCN4337 (1).jpeg

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On 10/17/2023 at 1:44 PM, Charlie Spencer said:

Apparently yellow vent, and the markings under the tail would seem to rule out American Goldfinch.  Bill color is wrong for Summer / Scarlet Tanager and any oriole.

Got any other shots with vent and tail?  I can't rule out goldfinch.

IMO, the bill color is just fine for a tanager, considering the lighting.

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