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Goose of a different color? Montezuma NWR NY 10/24/23

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2 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

I feel like it could be a Canada with a pigment issue. Not sure though.

Agreed, that was my gut instinct. I’m not seeing any of the marks of a Snow/Ross’s (other than the white). The bill looks fine for a CANG. The only thing that feels weird to me is how low it’s sitting in the water. 

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I definitely see a trace of the white "cheek" especially on the last pic. The other geese in the pics where Canada Geese, maybe Lesser, but not Cackling. At first glance I thought it was a Snow, but was too large & no black wing tips. Seen a lot of Blue phase (juvenile?) so don't think this could be one. If anything, it appeared whiter than these pics appear.

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