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NW Arkansas 11/4/23

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Pretty sure this pair are lesser scaups... I have photos of them in the water. At least one photo, the peak on the male's head is looking like it's at the back but, they were clear on the other side of the lake and the pics are horrible. Thankfully they came closer when flying.



And then this gull. Is it IDable? There were at least 10 RBGU at the lake but once in a while you'd see one flying up high, like this one, and I don't know if it had been part of the group or not. Can't see much here that helps me ID it.


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8 hours ago, RobinHood said:

Agree with Lesser Scaup.

I don't think the gull is identifiable.

That's what I was thinking.
Gulls are so frustrating, especially if they're not in breeding plumage and don't have ID marks that I've learned, so far.
I'll leave my list reflecting the 10 RBGU I know were there and nothing more...

I'll have more gull photos from the day before that on here, hopefully today.
I still struggle with not posting tooooooo many photos in one post. I mean, if I have a lot of photos from one trip and I think those photos help in IDing the birds...  It's hard to limit myself.
I'll try though. 🙂
I'll have some gulls and some shorebirds I want to double check.

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