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11/02/23 gulls

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NW Arkansas. I have other birds from the same trip but, so it's not too jumbled, this one is just gulls. It is most likely all ring-billed with one franklin's. Some of the ring-billed are odd looking. I like it when they're in adult plumage and even the ring is obvious. So, some of these are young, no complete ring... one doesn't have white spotting on the ends of the wings, etc... different looking birds. I love and hate that they're different. HA...



This one... ringed bill seems fairly clear... no spots at the end of the wings...

Same bird I believe... better photo, different wing position.


Maybe same bird? Interesting spots on tail

Wish I had other angles of this one...

Just for fun... the franklin's...  Typically I see these in flocks so it's always kind of interesting to me when I see just one or a couple, with or without another flock. Just one single bird here...


I have some other photos of the gulls but these are the best as far as trying to see IDable features...

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50 minutes ago, Avery said:

I agree with your assessment, all Ringers and the Franklin’s 

Thanks. It's normal for RBGU to not have spots on the ends of the black part of the wings? I thought those spots were a field mark for them.
Never mind. I just opened Sibley's East to look. Some of these might be first winter birds then?
Why can't they just wear name tags for me?  HA

Honestly, my assessment is easy for the ones where you can see a ring on the bill developing. The others, it's based more on knowing what should be here right now.
Thought I'd share photos just in case something interesting slipped in under my radar.


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