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dark hawk today

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3 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Why Rough-legged and not Red-tailed?  I don't see a broad terminal tail band.

To me, the tail goes dark, light, dark... but... poor photos. I have others, all poor. But, I'll go look at them just for fun.

My general rule is if it looks like a buteo and I'm not sure, it's red-tailed. HA


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Here's more photos, after I lightened them. In MOST of the photos, it's mostly dark but if I zoom in enough, it looks like a light tail band before a dark end to it. (I hadn't known this was a rough-legged trait, and wasn't looking for it.)
In one or two photos, the whole underside is just DARK... until I brighten it... then that tail band shows up. It shows up(to my eyes) in every photo. The one angle of the bird flying away, it only shows up on one side of the tail, poor angle and light... but, it seems to be showing up in the same place in each photo.
Man I wish I had better photos...


I marked next to the tail where I believe I see the band on this photo... same place in every photo... Only marked this one though.



Even in this one, the worst quality photo of them all... as I lightened it, looks like a light band to me. Ugh I wish I had better photos...


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I miss-typed, meant to say I got a Rough-legged impression (from under-wing pattern). I'm not that familiar with Harlan's/Dark RTHA, so I'll go with the concensus on it being a Red-tailed. (Also, I was unable to edit original post???)

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6 hours ago, MWM said:

(Also, I was unable to edit original post???)

The option to edit posts is only available for the first five minutes after posting. Editing after that five minute window can only be done with the assistance of the Moderators, which they're usually willing to do when asked nicely.

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