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1 hour ago, Aidan B said:

Definitely not Sanderlings. Ultimately probably not identifiable, but I feel pretty strongly they're Dunlin mixed with peeps.

Wish my camera had a better auto-focus system.  Dunlin would be a lifer, so I got excited for a few seconds, but it's not important enough to further this discussion.  Local folks are spotting Dunlin on shore now, so I'm confident I'll get good looks and good photos of one soon.

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16 hours ago, dragon49 said:

Wish my camera had a better auto-focus system. 

+1 on that sentiment Dragon!  However, using apparently the same camera as you do over the past few years, I've learned that if you can practice at leaving it on manual focus where the big ring around the lenz is the adjusting mechanism, you can get pretty quick/decent at focusing yourself in lieu of the (admittedly less than good) autofocus feature of the camera in question.  It definitely takes some practice, but eventually (and especially in lower light situations or when trying to photograph or video something at distance) it replaced my autofocus function use with this particular camera.

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