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Annoying gulls part 1

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Orange County California in the last few days. Coastal. Opinions appreciated. 

1. Olympic?4415BC22-4DBE-4434-90AF-5CEB278DDFF1.thumb.jpeg.6ac93a13e214d052215d05be2a12d02e.jpeg

2. Sincerely need help on this one. I’m between Cook Inlet(Herring X Glaucous-winged), or pure Herring(or others?)


3. Herring or Thayer’s?IMG_8634.thumb.jpeg.bf5e54dba8d4bc72798a26d2390b9c0f.jpeg

4. ??IMG_8635.thumb.jpeg.f8059bc968dbb697f694d9b459ff73f2.jpeg

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3 is a perfect Thayer’s.

2 I agree with your assessment. Herring-type. Probably fine to call it Herring. They’re pretty strict about Cook Inlet down there, so wait until you have a very nice intermediate bird.

1 is a Glaucous-winged hybrid. Olympic seems reasonable.

4 is possibly Herring? Not really sure though.

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