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Sharpie and Merlin

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Spotted this bird, what I originally thought was a Cooper, in the tree just out front of our house on the way to go out birding - pretty good start to an afternoon of birding through the valley.  The size made me think is was a Cooper's but looking at the photos in more detail I think it's a relatively large Sharpie.    The cap is not difined and black plus it doesn;t seem to have the overhanging "eyebrows" .   It was about the size of a crow.   I guess a large Sharpie can be similar in size to a small Coop.  



The second bird is what I think is a Merlin I spotted yesterday the afternoon yesterday in the fields on the west side of Cache County, Northern Utah.  





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3 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

#1 is a Cooper's (bulky body, blocky, flat-topped head, gray color of cheeks extends into nape, small eyes toward front of head).  I think Merlin for #2 is correct.

I agree that it's a Cooper's, also because of the graduated tail (good thing Grandpa Gray J got shots of the tail tip), but in the first shot the nape looks dark to me.  Maybe I don't know what "nape" means?

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