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Possible Blackpoll Warbler or Pine

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Still catching up on questionable bird ID: now on summer 2022. Is this a Blackpoll or Pine warbler? Yellow-throated Vireo (beak looks too thin, that would be too lucky)? September, Medfield MA in low bushes. Thanks as always. Merlin says Blackpoll.  Hoping it is a Blackpoll ... Again, only one picture.

Blackpoll Warbler Maybe.png

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September 24, 2022 (I'm WAY behind in ID'ing ....). I really appreciate that this seems difficult to even you very seasoned birders. I'm totally at a loss on this using the Warbler Guide, eBird, etc. Now I don't feel so bad.


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8 hours ago, MWM said:

Lime? New type of warbler? 🙂


Based on the name, you would think Lime Warblers are found mostly in lime trees, but they're not.  The one first seen by Audubon in a Key West lime tree was a vagrant.  They're actually almost exclusive to orange groves further north, with a distinct subspecies that habituates lemons.  The research for my doctorate should support renaming it as Citrus Warbler (Tropicanus Minutemaidi)  :classic_biggrin:

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@MWM, I was treating @IKLland's autocorrect error as if there really is a Lime Warbler.  There isn't.

10 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

The research for my doctorate ...

The only doctorate I'm working on is the advanced study of cow patties.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

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