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Hi all,

Just wanted to get some confirmation on some of these birds before I posted them on ebird. Not 100% confident in my ID of these two birds, so I thought I'd get a 2nd opinion. This was a birding trip at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, CA on 12/23/2023. I was birding from 0830 AM to 1230 PM to give you a timeframe.

First bird is a cormorant. I'm leaning towards Neotropic Cormorant because of the smaller size, brownish breast and the white v's around the mouth. Thankfully, there's a Double-crested right next to this bird, so comparing and contrasting is much easier.


2nd bird is a wading bird. My guess is Little Blue Heron. I saw the resident Reddish Egrets earlier that morning, and this bird did not look like them. It was fishing near a snowy egret and was not displaying the unique dancing behavior that reddish egrets display while hunting. This bird was smaller and darker overall. Bill has a blue base, dark red/brown head, and body was bluish. Lighting is not the greatest in these photos, but fairly confident this wasn't another reddish egret. 


Thanks in advance!








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