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Help ID potential hybrid - Colorado

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Going through my photo archive I discovered this set of a hard to identify bird.

Colorado, Rocky mountain National Park near the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, Early August 2012.

My guess it is a hybrid of some kind, but I would greatly appreciate help in identifying it!


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4 hours ago, hydrospheric said:

I thought it would be a Junco. Based on your suggestion I found:

http://tigerbaseball.us/Arizona/dark_eyed_junco.htm which pretty closely resembles my shots.

A Juvenile Red Backed Dark-eyed Junco it is..




Welcome to Whatbird!

The subspecies isn't Red-backed--they breed only in southwest Texas and southern New Mexico and Arizona.  Juncos breeding in Colorado are the Gray-headed subspecies, which has a reddish-brown back and in fact looks a lot like the Red-backed.

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Thanks Jerry! Juvenile Gray-headed Dark-eyed Junco. 

Very few examples of those online..

Should have checked this map, though Rocky Mountain NP is right on the transition of three ranges:


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