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Juvenile Coopers or Sharp-Shinned

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Forest Grove, OR 1/2019

Another for the classic raptor ID challenge...

This individual was quite small and I initially ID'ed as a Sharpie in the field.  However, after photo review I'm leaning toward male juvenile Coopers.  What do you think?

  • Eye placement more toward the front of the head (eye color seems to align with Coopers but that's tricky in low light)
  • The breast pattern is a dark brown and seems "neat".  It is hard to tell if the pattern thins out on the belly in these photos.
  • The head seems blocky, but I'm hesitant to rely on that given the angle.
  • Legs seem a little more robust than a Sharpie's
  • There is a light supercilium but it seems rather faint.

Unfortunately I was not able to see it in flight.





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