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Swainson's Hawk?

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Seen July 26, 2016 in southcentral Kansas, in an open habitat by a lake. 
This is a pretty old observation, but I recently got iNaturalist and put a bunch of old stuff on there, and this one sparked some interest! 
I have always assumed this was a Red-tailed Hawk, because there seems to be a patagial showing and a bit of a bellyband, (I was also told this bird was a red-tailed hawk by some others long ago) but a few on iNaturalist believe Swainson's Hawk, which I could see why with that dark chest and such. So I am unsure now if this is an oddly marked Swainson's (they don't show patagial marks as far as I know, unless that's not a patagial mark I'm seeing?), or an oddly marked Red-tailed ahah, so I thought I would come here for more opinions! "

Thank you all in advance for any help!

inaturalist link: 


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