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Brewer's Sparrow? (bad photos)

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Seen in Ramona, CA (San Diego County) today.

Three different photos, possibly all the same bird, but third might be a different bird. Bird in first two photos was seen alone. Third photo (bottom right) was with a group of Chipping Sparrows (one seen top left).

A Brewer's was reported a week ago in the same spot (not just hotspot, but the same spot within the hotspot.





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7 hours ago, IKLland said:

First two photos look good for brewers. Last photo has a Chipping on the left, right bird might also be brewers, but I could see it as chipping as well.

Thanks. I agree that the last bird could easily be Chipping. In the field I didn't think any of them were not, but I was far away.

The bird in the first photos was also far away, but I examined it for a while through the viewfinder zoomed way in, and I was fairly convinced at the time that it was Brewer's. I was disappointed that I didn't get better frames of it - I had better looks in the field. Unfortunately, we couldn't refind it.

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