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Cormorant ID requested (San Diego)

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I was visiting San Diego from the OTHER SC - South Carolina.  I’m only familiar with Double-Crested Cormorants.  The Neotropics are easy with the white feathers.  But these two pics, I don’t know.  Thanks!



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A few notes:

On ocean shores, Brandt's is by far the most common, but you might also encounter similar looking Pelagic Cormorants. That little gray throat/chin is the mark for Brandt's. When breeding, it's bright blue.

Be careful with Neotropic id - the white V mark at the base of the bill might not always be easy to discern. Keep in mind also the other differences - Double-crested has an orange lore (in front of the eye), while Neotropic does not, and Neotropic is noticeably smaller.

If you're referring to the white breeding feathers, that only works for a short time of the year and individuals exhibit them at different times. And both Double-crested and Neotropic have white breeding feathers, although they look different.

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