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Move this if it needs to be moved I guess. I haven't been on here much but, I'm kind of disappointed that the categories haven't been expanded upon at least a little.  There was more to do and keep people busy with all the old sections, even though they weren't all bird related. But, there are more bird related ones that could be put in.
Like, I don't know if this is the best spot of my general questions.

I'm wondering what people's opinions are on the free apps like Merlin and the Audubon guide.
I used to use Merlin a couple years ago, then I found the Audubon guide and at that time, it was way better. Merlin didn't have the features it does now. I'm wondering how they compare when it comes to the number of species they might have as well as the photos and sound files for each. Some birds, even in the audubon app, don't have sound files. Seems odd.

the phone I have has 8gb internal storage... 4gb of that is just the phone's software itself leaving just 4 for other apps. The audubon app is over 1gb. I don't have a lot on my phone but that 4gb disappears quickly. Some days I think about getting a new phone but, I rarely use it and I'm poor so it's not really worth spending a lot of money on such a device.
My old junky phone had the option to move most apps to a micro sd card. The newer phones don't let you do that... which stinks.  Oh, so that's another question...  how do the two apps compare as far as size goes? I'm wondering if the merlin app would use up less than 1gb.

I had another question but I forgot it. 😞  I hope this one is okay here since this section is on book, courses, products, etc... where else would it go?
Don't mind the complaining about the site. I REALLY loved it the way it was and I just don't handle change well. Will take me a long time to get used to this. 😞  

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Let's keep this simple...  does anyone have Merlin on their phone? I NEED to know how much space it's taking up on their phone... not sure if it matters but I'm using an android phone. Remember the days when 8Gb was HUGE?  😞 8GB internal memory and literally half that is used by the OS...  that leaves 4gb and 1.17 of that is the audubon app... if merlin takes up less space I'll switch to it. 

I had a cheap, cheap phone several years back... not used for calling, just apps... you could put apps on the little micro sd card. You can't do that anymore. I honestly feel like everything we make better today is also made worse in one way or another.  😞

Oh yeah, you can't exactly even completely delete apps on this phone... removed the facebook app but it's still listed there. Likely not taking up space anymore but, you can't actually make it gone unless I do a factory reset or something.

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one more thing...
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16 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

It says here that you need 250-400MB to install the app. Hopefully that answers your question.

Thanks. I asked in a local facebook group to see if anyone on an android that is using Merlin could go into settings/apps and see what it shows. Installing an app often takes up a certain amount of space... but then downloading the data for it can be another thing all together.  I'll see if anyone replies and what they say. If it is only 400MB or less that would be significantly less than what the audubon app is using on my phone right now. If it wasn't such a hassle (especially on my slow connection) I'd just uninstall the audubon and install merlin myself and find out. If I don't get any answers I'll still do that. Just got a million other things to do right now so it's low on my priorities list. (not that I have an actual list anywhere...)

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